Becoming an organic grower

If you are currently still growing conventionally, you can count on our support. By close collaboration with The Greenery, Naturelle can help you with the sales of your product in each stage of the switch.

Becoming an organic grower

Being the organic branch of The Greenery, we offer the level of organisation and service of a large, well-established fruit and vegetable company. In addition, being the organic specialist, Naturelle is excellently capable of giving your business the personal attention it deserves.

Switching to organic growing

During the transition period, artificial fertilizer and crop protection product residues disappear from the soil. Growing is done organically, but the product cannot yet be sold as an organic product during this period. Skal checks and – if the conditions are met – certifies use of the organic certification mark. Naturelle is happy to support you in this switch and in obtaining the organic certificate. In collaboration with the Quality & Environment Department of The Greenery, we check that the organic and food safety directives are complied with.

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Field crops
Greenhouse crops

"I have one dedicated contact person at Naturelle. He knows my product inside out and knows what is going on in the market."

John de Bie van MTS de Bie – den Boer

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Adriaan Jansen

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For more information about collaborating with Naturelle or switching to organic growing, please contact Adriaan Jansen.