Our organic products are grown, processed and traded with respect for the health of people, animals and the environment


From seed to consumption, vegetables and fruits from Naturelle are a sustainable choice. We work together with growers, retailers and consumers for a healthy future.

Sustainable policy in collaboration with The Greenery

Together with The Greenery, Naturelle is continuously looking for opportunities for sustainability. Active efforts to make the logistic process more sustainable, causing less CO2 emission, have led to the Lean and Green Award. The sustainability process is an integral part of Naturelle's operational management and is implemented using LEAN philosophy. This aims at continuously minimizing waste in the logistic process together with employees and chain partners, to realize a more efficient operational management and shorter logistic chain. Read more about the collaboration with The Greenery.

Nature Counts

Two of our organic growers have received the ‘Nature Counts’ sustainability designation. This designation is awarded to growers who make exceptional efforts to work even greener, based on their own ideas. And are therefore leaders in sustainability, according to the jury. Get to know our organic growers BakkerBio and Oirschot Organics.

"For sustainability, we focus on a healthy living soil by feeding the soil life and disturbing it as little as possible. This has reduced our use of fertilizer and fuel by 25%."

Jan-Willem Bakker
BakkerBio VOF

Caring for soil and resources

​In organic growing there is no room for artificial fertilizer and chemical crop protection products. Soil and water are not disturbed by unnatural agents. For packaging, Naturelle uses biodegradable materials of polylactic acid (PLA) where possible. This material is made of vegetable materials such as maize and no longer of petroleum. Biodegradable packagings can be recognised by the seedling logo and can be disposed of as organic waste.