The Greenery

The leading fruit and vegetable company The Greenery serves supermarket chains, wholesalers, caterers and the processing industry at home and abroad.

The Greenery

Naturelle focuses completely on the growing market for organic fruit and vegetable products. Being the organic branch of The Greenery, Naturelle offers the level of organisation and service of a large, well-established fruit and vegetable company.


Where possible, Naturelle uses The Greenery's logistics for its products: a fast and reliable distribution channel. The Greenery facilitates all deliveries, from single orders to daily distribution at shop level. Of course distribution of conventional and organic fresh products can be combined perfectly.


Naturelle helps customers to optimise their organic fruit and vegetable performance. In collaboration with The Greenery we collect market figures, which we combine with our experience in marketing organic fruits and vegetables. For instance, in collaboration with retailers, we develop packagings tailored to specific target groups.

Food safety

Food safety

Consumers trust organic quality. To be sure that our products meet all directives, Naturelle carefully monitors the quality and food safety of its organic products. In collaboration with the Quality & Environment Department of The Greenery, we check that the directives are complied with. Our products are certified according to Skal, Global Gap, BRC and similar schedules of requirements. Read more about the certification of our products here.


Sustainability of the food chain is a global challenge that is completely in line with the sustainable growing methods, and together Naturelle and The Greenery are looking for ways in which sustainability can be improved even more. For instance, we are investing in biodegradable packagings and energy-saving trucks. We also reduce our waste production by finding useful uses for by-products.