Naturelle closely collaborates with many organic growers at home and abroad.


Bio+: Naturally Naturelle!

Naturelle exclusively provides the development and delivery of organic fruits and vegetables of the fast-growing leading organic brand Bio+. This brand offers consumers a diverse range of over 300 organic quality products in more than 2500 Dutch supermarkets; fruits and vegetables, but also for instance dairy, meat, bread, coffee and tea.

More and more consumers choose delicious products that fit into a natural lifestyle and they prefer to buy them in their local supermarket. With a distinguishable brand across all categories, Bio+ makes organic products available to and accessible for this target group. Visit the Bio+website for more information.

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Organic fruits and vegetables

We supply a wide range of vegetables, fruits and mushrooms of Dutch origin, complemented by organically grown products from abroad. In this way, we can guarantee a complete year-round and daily fresh range of organically certified fruits and vegetables. View our range of organic fruits and vegetables.